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Let's be real...when booking a lakefront vacation in BC it's all about the lake and Timothy Lake will not disappoint.  Timothy Lake is the perfect size, large enough to be unrestricted and offer great fishing, but small enough where you aren't always battling waves.  As you venture from the shoreline you'll eventually loose site of the resort and soon find a public sandy beach, an uninhabited island, and a water channel connecting into Dempsey Lake, which could be considered Timothy Lake's smaller younger brother. 


While Timothy Lake is known for it's large population of prized Kokanee (lake salmon) Dempsey Lake has mostly Rainbow Trout.  The channel connecting the two lakes is narrow and winding, and best navigated by canoe, kayak or paddle board, however it can be navigated by fishing boat, or pontoon boat if you carefully watch for deadheads under the surface.    


Located off the beaten track, Timothy Lake is seldom used by weekend warriors and is never too busy - making it great for swimming, water skiing, fishing or just floating around in one of those giant inflatable flamingo's...... if that's your thing.

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8 km's long

Timothy Lake is approximately 8 kms long.  


SWIMMING: The lake is typically at a comfortable swimming temperature for most people in June and as we ramp into summer the lake continues to warm throughout the season.  .  

FISHING: Timothy Lake has loads of fish.  We've seen many campers limit out throughout their vacations.  Nothing taste so fine as fresh Kokanee on the grill. It doesn't hurt that dinner is served on the deck, of the lakefront log cabin you rented.  Fishing is often the best in late May, June and most of July, however the fish bite all year long.

SKIING: So skiing is your thing?  Many campers have learned how to water ski on Timothy Lake, yours truly included.  I remember it clearly, a young boy, maybe 12 or 13.  Me and my best friend took turns learning how to ski.  I think our Dads loved the guy time and us boys loved the Dad time.  

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Timothy Lake is a great fishing lake!

The lake is home to a healthy population of Kokanee (lake salmon) and Rainbow Trout, with most campers reeling in 1-3 pounders. 

In addition fisheries use our boat launch to stock the lake annually to enhance the population.  If you camp with us early in the season you might just be lucky enough to 'catch' the show.

The resort offers a boat launch, fish cleaning station, and moorage.

Fishing boat rentals are available.  Reserve yours early!

Catching Kokanee at Martens Resort
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water skiing
String of Fish caught at Timothy Lake_edited
Boat Launch at Martens Resort
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