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As excited as we are for you to join us, we do understand that cancellations do sometimes occur. If you do need to cancel your reservation, please be aware of the following policies.


I: Cancellations made more than 20 days prior to arrival date will receive a full refund minus a $39.99 cancellation fee, per accommodation. 

II: Cancellations made 20 days or less prior to arrival date will not receive a refund and any outstanding balance will become payable on the date of cancellation.


Please refer to your "Seasonal Camping Agreement".


Please refer to your "Venue Rental Agreement".

*WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRAVEL INSURANCE to protect you in events where you want or need to cancel your booking but where our cancellation policy will not provide coverage.  Some campers may want or need to cancel their reservation due to a personal or family emergency, whether medical or otherwise.  Some campers may want  or need to cancel their reservation due to challeges out of their control, such as road closures or flight cancellations.  Some campers may want or need to cancel their reservations due to natural disasters, such as flooding and forest fires.  

This is certainly not an exhaustive list and is only provided to illustrate that you may experience situations that require you to cancel your reservation which falls outside of our cancellation policy and will result in you paying for your cancelled reservation.  Purchasing travel insurance may provide you cancellation coverage when our cancellation policy does not. 

Martens Resort will only make exceptions to its posted cancellation policy in the event that we are closed or on evacuation notice.

Tell us the name the reservation is under and the dates of your booking to request a cancellation.  




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