Welcome Campers

Martens Resort offers an opportunity for individuals and their families (‘camper’s) to enjoy the camping experience. The Resort offers the opportunity for nightly rentals as well as an opportunity for campers to book Seasonal RV Sites.  Management’s goal is to provide a safe and fun, family friendly, atmosphere for all of our guests. The Resort is open from May 1st each year and closes the Tuesday following Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE:  Our checkin time is 3:00pm and our checkout time is 11:00am.  Please contact the resort on your arrival date at 250-396-4427 or if you will be arriving after 6pm on your checkin date or to find out if an earlier checkin time is available.

  2. REGISTRATION: All Guests must register at the office upon arrival.  Do not go beyond the gates to the resort grounds or to your Tenting Site, RV Site, or Cabin without first checking in at the office. 

  3. GUEST PARKING: There is a limit of one vehicle allowed on each site. Additional parking for one additional vehicle may be available depending on site size at an additional fee, with overflow parking available in the designated visitor parking area.

  4. VISITORS: Visitors must report to the office and pay a resort fee.  Visitors must park in approved visitor parking and not at registered guests campsite.  Visitors must leave the campground by 10pm.  

  5. SPEED LIMIT: The resort speed limit is 10km per hour, or slower.  Anyone breaking the speed limit will be asked to park in Visitor parking.

  6. RESPECT: Please be courteous to other guests around you.  Profanity or violence towards other campers or resort staff will result in immediate eviction from the resort.

  7. NOISE: Quiet hours shall be observed from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Sun-Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs and 11:59 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Fri-Sat. At all times radios, televisions or similar equipment shall be kept at reasonable noise levels in consideration of other campers. Loud or boisterous parties or noise will not be permitted upon any campsite or within the resort.

  8. SPECIAL EVENTS: Martens Resort is a favourite location for Weddings, Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties and Family Reunions.  These events are private functions and often enjoy exclusive use of the resorts Hall or specific sections of resort grounds.  Resort guests not on the invite list of these special events are asked to give the events privacy.  

  9. PETS: We know your dog is a member of the family and we welcome your furry friend!  That said, we have to be mindful of all of our campers and we reserve the right to refuse certain dogs and other pets that may illicit a fear response from other campers or are simply not suitable for our campground.  Please do not bring aggressive dogs, dogs that bite, or dogs that bark often.  Pit Bulls are not permitted on the property.  All approved pets will incur a nightly fee of $10.00.  Pets must be kept on a leash and under control at all times while on resort property.  Campers are not allowed to leave resort property and lock their pets in cabins, in RV sites or in camping sites unattended.  Lastly we ask that you kindly “clean up” after your pets.

  10. CLEANLINESS: Each camper shall keep his or her camping site neat and tidy at all times. No accumulation of junk or debris of any kind shall be permitted on any site.

  11. APPEARANCE: All Motorhomes, RV's or Travel Trailers must be in good working order and must be kept in an attractive appearance.

  12. CAMPSITE LIMITS: Campsites are for approved guests only.  No more than one recreational vehicle shall be situated upon a single campsite.  Tents may be approved to be set-up on a cabin site, or RV site at an additional charge.  Sleeping in secondary vehicles is not permitted.

  13. CAMPGROUND SITE SIGNAGE: Campsite numbers and signs must be visible at all times.

  14. GARBAGE AND RECYCLING: The Resort is in a natural wildlife habitat area. There are bears, deers, moose and birds in the area.  Never leave food out for extended periods.  Please ensure all garbage and recycling is disposed of properly in the resorts facilities.

  15. SEPTIC SYSTEM: Please ensure only bodily waste and toilet paper is flushed down the toilet.  Do not let bleach or other chemicals enter our septic system.

  16. TREES: Please do not damage or remove any trees, bushes or landscaping.  

  17. CAMPFIRES: Campfires are allowed only in a properly contained fire ring. Campfires are to be totally extinguished when not personally attended. Management may prohibit campfires at any time when such fires are considered hazardous. At no time shall fire-pits be used to burn garbage.

  18. PROHIBITED: Martens Resort prohibits the use of fireworks, sparklers, wish lanterns and all other combustible materials.  

  19. SMOKING: Smoking and the use of marijuana shall only be allowed on each individuals Camping Site. Such activities shall not impede on the enjoyment of neighbours. Disposal of cigarettes must be done safely, with all butts ending up in the garbage.  There is no smoking of any substance allowed inside any cabin or on the common resort grounds.  If you smoke please ensure the smoke does not waft into any buildings or cabins or you may be charged a $250.00 cleaning fee.  No illegal substances are allowed on the property at any time.

  20. WEAPONS: The use of, or carrying of firearms and other weapons is prohibited within the resort.

  21. RESORT AMENITIES:  The resort is always offering more activities for our guests to enjoy.  Common amenity areas are for the enjoyment of all campers and are allocated on a first come first serve basis.  This includes all amenities, from the volleyball court, to horse shoe pits, corn hole games, bounce castle and playground.   

  22. SAFE CAMPING: In our nearly 30 years of operation we have never had a serious injury on the property but an injury is always only one accident away.  PLEASE drink and use marijuana responsibly at all times.  Never operate a motor vehicle, including boats, while under the influence.  All facilities and property within the Resort are used by campers at their own risk. The property manager and the owner shall not be responsible for any personal injury or for any loss or damage to any property of any camper or visitor.

  23. PLAYGROUND: There is a playground meant for young children age 3-7 and another playground meant for children over the age of 7.  Parents please refrain from sitting on the swings of age 3-7 playground and keep your older children off of this playground.  The playground is not monitored and presents inherent risk of danger from falling.  Parents please supervise your children when at the playground. 

  24. SECURITY CAMERAS: Management may place security cameras in certain common areas around the property for security purposes. By entering the resort you agree and consent to being recorded while on the property.

  25. DAMAGE:  Any damage caused to the rented unit (including but not limited to damage to furniture, fixtures, flooring, walls, doors, appliances, and the unit’s exterior) will be paid by the registered camper.  Martens Resort reserves the right to charge the cost of damage to the Credit Card on file and agrees to provide the guest with a statement of charges.

  26. PARK EVICTION: Campers violating rules that results in eviction notice will not receive any refunds for their stay.

  27. BOATING: Please ensure you approach the docks and leave the docks at a slow (trolling) rate of speed.  You should be at a trolling speed within 100 feet or less of the shoreline and always watch for swimmers.  All boats requiring moorage will be charged $7 to $10 daily. 

  28. COVID-19: All campers must abide by any health and safety regulations as a result of COVID-19 in order to help keep themselves and others safe.  At managements discretion some shared amenities, including the shower house, playground, wedding/reunion hall may be temporarily closed at managements discretion.  REFUNDS WILL NOT be provided if shared amenities are closed. 

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